Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I got a little lazy this year when it came to my Activity Period cupcake decorating activity, compared to last year at least, but I think the kids still enjoyed it.

We actually celebrated Halloween at school on Friday because this was the date of our Halloween Dance, so no costumes were allowed at school today.  I wouldn't have cared one bit of the kids dressed up, but I do understand keeping the madness to one day only.  I couldn't help but wear my orange and black striped tights today anyway.

Lucky for my mom, she was able to dress of up on Friday as well!  I think she should have won best teacher costume for dressing up like Miss Viola Swamp...the mean substitute in Miss Nelson Is Missing.  Anyone else get scared reading that book? :)  It is a classic.  

Mean Miss Swamp

Yep, same old budget or creativity this year.

Wouldn't want her as my sub!

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