Monday, October 10, 2011

Carter's Mountain

Our family tradition of picking apples, getting a pumpkin, chowing down on warm apple cider donuts, and down right wearing ourselves out walking all over the mountain side continued again this year.  Last year we took E and J for the first time, but this was Hailey's third trip with us.  We've learned that you get there early, do your thing, pack up the car, and get the heck out of dodge before all of Cville gets there.  Our plan worked just as well this year as last!

This time we were able to meet up with the Turner family.  It was good to spend a few minutes catching up before the crowds caught up with me making me want to run for the hills.  Olivia and Avery are growing up way too fast!  We'll have to plan another get together soon, maybe without so many people around!

Trying to find the right one.

Miss Personality

Enough with the pictures

Don't you two realize the sun is in my eyes?

Thanks, Uncle Rich!

Hay Hay getting right in there.

Seasons of the Apple Tree Lesson by Uncle Rich

This girl ate three apples while picking.  Stomach ache?

E having too much fun with Mr. Scarecrow

"Take this apple!"

"I can do it by MYSELF."

"See, I told ya!"

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