Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dinosaur Bash!

Happy, happy 4th birthday Miss Hay Hay!  Today we were able to finally celebrate with a few close friends and family.  After staying up half the night trying to tie up loose ends, Hailey said that her dino party was better than her princess party last week.  If that isn't enough to make it worth while, what is? She could hardly contain herself last night when I was making her cake and starting to decorate the house.  Suprise, suprise, she was up bright and early with her dinosaur costume on running around the house with excitement. 

Can't take off the costume for bed...

Dinosaur egg in process...

Goody bags

Personalized dino t-shirts

Cutest dinosaur I've ever seen.

The weather was perfect for a few outdoor activities including; digging for dinosaur bones, finding a huge dinosaur egg that got left in our backyard, watching Rich go crazy on his motorized vehicles, and working hard to crack the dino pinata. 

We found the egg!

Dinosaur egg hunting

Jack-o-saurus, Maggie-cer-a-tops, Hailey-o-saurs, and Ty-Rex

Miss Maggie and Addie

Glad Rich is supervising this one.

Found one!

Digging for dinosaurs

Big cars!


I think Rich has a new best friend!

We dined on some "dinosaur eggs"- meatballs, "dino crunch"- chex mix, "raw veggies with dino dip", "dino chicken nuggets", and "fossil cookies".  Well, the adults also had their share of a few other dishes including peanut chicken skewers and asparagus in blankets.

Fossil cookies


Dino Cake

Hailey got lots of new stuff for her kitchen including a chef's outit, cupcakes that she can decorate, and a new shopping cart!  She got lots of puzzles, toys, and clothes as well!

Dinosaur from Papa.

Gift time.

New shopping cart!

Pinata time!  I think we need Jack to help us break this thing open.  Too bad we forgot about it until after Maggie and Jack left:(


Get it Land-o-saurus!

Ty-Rex getting a big hit in.

Tough girl.

Addie and her daddy.

Step into it.

Roonie making friends.

Three of my favorites:)

Bringing in the big guns.
 Other crazy pictures from the party....starting it off right with this one of Becky or "Bucky" as Hailey would say...

Yikes..that is a scary dinosaur.

Too much fun.

Silly girl with Grandma and Papa.

My favorite little dino.

Chef Hailey

Cupcake queen


What a good looking bunch:)

Mimi and Hay Hay

Glad I only put one candle on there.


Maggie chowing down.

The bakers.

Dino hats for all. :)

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