Saturday, April 28, 2012

This one is for the kids

and for anyone who likes quick, easy, cheap meals. Last week was pretty stressful because of Rich's workload and I was downright exhausted.  Instead of going out to Mi Rancho after looking around the kitchen, I decided to throw together some English muffin pizzas for all of us.  We love making our own homemade pizza, but that would have taken way too long for a busy weeknight.

I used whole wheat Kroger brand English muffins which were on sale for $1.  I added a teaspoon of Great Value pizza sauce to each side along with shredded chicken, chopped onions, and low-fat shredded cheese.  After 10 minutes in the toaster oven dinner was ready!

This is a perfect meal for rushed evenings when you would be tempted to pick up fast food or a carry-out pizza.  And, darn is this a cheap one!?  Hailey made her own version today for lunch and loved every bite of it.  If you have picky eaters in the house they can each choose their own toppings, so there is no complaining!

And into the toaster oven for 10 minutes!

English muffin pizza with a side of turnip greens.

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