Monday, April 9, 2012

Switching it up

After checking out Jamie Eason's Live Fit routine on, I decided to try starting with Stage 2 of her program.  I am not following it exactly, but using it as a guide to switch some of my normal routines up.  I'm still trying to lift relatively heavy, but allowing myself to do a few extra reps at lower weight. 

  • Wide grip bench press 5x7 @ 85 lbs
  • Push ups 3x10 (killer after doing the bench)
  • Cable cross-overs 3x10 @ 40 lbs
  • Incline bench 3x10 with 20-25lb dumbbells
  • Superset of the following: toe touches 3x20 and crunches 3x20
  • Leg raises on parallel bar 3x12
  • Cable crunches 3x15 @70 lbs
The chest workout wasn't too far off of what I normally do, but the ab workout was definitely too easy for me.  I'll have to pick it up later in the week. I followed these exercises up with 30 minutes of medium intensity on the Arc Trainer. 

What I ate:
  • protein oatmeal 
  • protein shake with berries
  • 5 oz can of albacore tuna and 1/2 chobani yogurt cup
  • 2 turkey muffins, salad with walnuts and cranberries and balsamic, 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon
  • remainder of salad, remainder of 1/2 cup yogurt
  • burrito fajitas chicken from Mi Rancho (chicken, peppers, onions)
  • the head off of my peanut butter easter bunny;)

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