Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This little toe of mine

I visited UVA on Monday to get a cortisone injection around my sesamoid bone.  I wasn't sure why the Imagining Department called me for my reminder last week, but quickly realized once I got there.  The procedure had to be done under x-ray with contrast in order to make sure the needle got to the correct location.  The thought of getting an injection on the bottom of my foot made me a little uncomfortable, but I was fine until the nurse who was walking me back gave me the usual 20 questions (what is your name, DOB, procedure, etc.) and then proceeded to say, "Woof, that sounds painful!  I guess I shouldn't really say that to you."  Thanks, lady.

Once I got into the imagining room I was greeted by FOUR doctors.  I guess they all wanted to see my purple nail polish!  That's what happens at teaching hospitals I suppose.  Actually, they all ended up being very personable and did a fine job with the injection.  It took a while for them to figure out an entry way for the needle and they ended up deciding on going in through the side of my foot at the base of my big toe.  It wasn't a walk in the park, but it wasn't terrible either.  I could do without the pressure that makes your joint feel like it will explode when they put the cortisone in, but other than that it was okay.  

I'll have to confirm with Dr. W, but I should be taking two weeks off and then starting on a return to run plan.  I think I'm going to sneak in some non-weight bearing leg workouts during the next couple of weeks so I don't lose all of my progress.  Boy is it hard not to do HIIT in the mornings after I got used to doing it!

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  1. i needed to read your 'sign' at the bottom! thanks for sharing. keep your 'toe' up so to'll be smokin' all of us (esp me) here again soon!