Thursday, May 24, 2012

CrossFit Games

Although I've never attending a CrossFit gym, I have done some of the workouts or at least parts of them at our gym.  I would LOVE to attend a session as soon as my foot is cleared for these sort of workouts, but that may be a while.  Shhhh....I ran three miles this morning;)

Over the weekend I watched some of the CrossFit Games while we were at a birthday party and I had a hard time paying attention to anything else going on around me.  The competitors are AMAZING and these are the sorts of events that I would love to compete in. I've looked at some of their stats and some of these chicks can do upwards of 60 pull-ups....holy smokes!  I know they aren't the same kind of pull-ups that I do, but still...60 is no joke.  You really do just have to check out their stats and look at their physiques.  Incredible, I tell ya. 

Anyone want to attend a session with me? :)  


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