Saturday, May 26, 2012

Got a headache?

Then get out and exercise!  There are very few occasions when this doesn't work as a remedy for me.  Rich and I decided to take both Saturday and Sunday as rest days because last week was downright exhausting.  You know you need some rest when your body doesn't seem to be recovering and you are falling asleep at the wheel!

I slept in until 6:00 this morning.  I guess you can consider that sleeping in for me, but it wasn't nearly long enough for my body.  As soon as I wake up I'm like the Energizer Bunny....mornings are definitely where it is at for me.  I start washing clothes, prepping food, and cleaning anything I can get my hands on.  However, today by noon I was fading fast and feeling rough.  After not having daily headaches for such a long streak now, this week they emerged again and I've had one just about every day.  I knew all it would take to get rid of it was a nice run or some heavy lifting, but I wanted to stick with my rest day and geez I was pooped.  

Once the clock struck 5:00 pm I knew my time was limited and I wasn't feeling any better.  The gym closes at 6:00, so I had Rich watch Hailey and I booked it to the gym.  It's a good thing it only takes 2 minutes to get there!  I did a quick 20 minute HIIT routine on the treadmill, hit up my shoulders, did some sprints and abs in between it all and was out the door AND headache free AND full of energy at 6:00 pm.  One hour cured what had plagued me all day.  Thank the Lord! 

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