Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Measurements

Here are the measurements that I took before starting the WLC.  Speaking of the is not going so well!  Crap. Between Maddie's injury, my quad and now my wrist and some extra stress around this house we haven't done nearly as well as we could have.  For the most part the weekdays are fantastic with very few cheats, but the weekends are all over the place.  The bad thing is that I feel terrible after consuming the very things that are supposed to be "exciting" to eat.  I think I'm going to be able to get my act together this week though!

I also decided that I'm keeping oatmeal in the morning. There is just no other way for me to get around it and feel half way decent.  The whole dairy-free thing has been easy and really so has the's the whole eating out and cheating thing that has thrown me.  I think we are just going to go forward doing the best that we can do.  Eating almond butter and natural pb seems to make me put on weight and bloat much more than PB2, so despite the 1 gram of sugar I'm going to allow PB2.

From the last time I did measurements this is where I am:

Chest: 31.75   (same)
Waist: 25.5   (-1.0)
L Arm: 10 (-.75)
R Arm: 10 (-.75)
L Thigh: 18 (-2.0)
R Thigh: 18.25 (-1.75)
Hips: 35.75 (-1.0)

BMI:  20.9% (+1.4%)
Weight: 118 (- 2.5 lbs)

We'll see where I am in mid-November.

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