Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Little Things

Nope, not going to talk about enjoying all of the little things in life, although I should probably slow my butt down and enjoy more of them;)

After the last hour of writing checks and paying bills, I realized that I probably do something that affects my fitness even when I'm paying bills, blogging, stalking people of Facebook, etc.  My computer sits on the "bar stool area" of our kitchen.  I hate sitting with a computer on my lap so I've spent the several years that we've lived here standing in front of my computer typing, as I am right now. This is also my place to stand and pay the bills, make my to-do lists, and hover around the kitchen.  When I'm working on something important I could literally be standing here, probably pacing back and forth too, for a couple of hours!

I didn't stand up one day and think "hey, this will burn more calories, help me work my core with good posture, etc." It just happened and although I've realized it in the past, it really just hit me.  There is NO way I could sit at a desk all day and type away.  You'd have to lock me up because I'd go nuts.  I guess this is my way of staying active even when I'm not.

What do you do that keeps you fit that you don't even realize?!

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