Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Recovery

After last weekend's 10k and first soccer game my legs were tore down.  Basically everything from my ribcage down felt like it had been stretched, pulled, tweaked and burned out.  It was brutal.  How do you even get knots in your quads?

Luckily I broke out the compression sleeves immediately after the run and wore them the rest of the day to prepare for soccer.  I continued wearing them on and off for a couple of days and I swear they work better than just about anything.  Along with popping some ibuprofen, I also wore out my foam roller.  I rolled everything from those knots in my quads to the fronts of my shins and I'd be lying if there weren't tears involved.  It is oh so worth the pain to work out the acid and knots.

I took most of these week fairly easy.  I wasn't worth a darn on Monday when I tried to work chest, so I  opted for high reps low weight for everything this week.  I'm so glad that I did because I felt so much better yesterday and even better today.  I foam rolled just about every day and today I managed to get through it without grimacing.

Sunday we have another game and I am pumped!  My legs should be back in action and ready to kick some butt. But I do foresee some additional time in the compression sleeves:)

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