Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Olympics 10k

It's that time of the year, time for the Special Olympics 10k and then transition into my favorite time of year, autumn!

I didn't set any goals for this race mainly because I didn't train for it and just wanted to support a good cause.  Anything under 60 minutes would have been okay with me because I've cut cardio down to just about nothing and if I do something it is HIIT.  Of course once I got out there my competitive spirit came out....

Not sure what I was thinking busting out the first mile in 6:30, second in 7:10, and then finally slowing it down.  I guess I was just excited and not paying attention to my watch!  Whoops;)

I did think I might puke a couple of times so I walked for a 20 yards...didn't help that I had to leap over 4 squished snakes and then roll up on a 2 day old dead deer carcass.  Sick.  

I finished in 51:20, which is an average of 8:17....not too shabby for something I hadn't trained for. My time last year was 51:00 and I trained a whole lot more in terms of running a year ago.  We'll see how I placed once they publish the results. 

Rich, E, and J walked to 2-mile course and had a great time as well!

I can't remember a time when I was as hungry as I was after this race.  Since we are diving into the WLC tomorrow morning, I tossed the idea of no grains for the weekend and pounded 2 big cookies, a bagel, pancake and some grapes. Then came home and ate an apple, cottage cheese and cereal.  Lunch at Mi Rancho and then dinner at Pizza Hut before eating oatmeal before bed.  5000 calories?  Likely.  Sorry about it? Not a bit.

Totally forgot to take pics, but here's the shirt we all received.

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