Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4-Miler 2012

In Honor of Betty "Mimi" Stokes

I'm happy to report that although I didn't make my goal of running in under 30 minutes (31:51), I did make my last minute goal of placing in the top 200.  I was 146 out of 3,024 racers.  I really wanted to place within my class (top 19), but that fell out of reach during the last mile.  I ended up placing 26th in my division.

Who invited these characters? 
The compartment syndrome in my leg really started acting up so I slowed to a walk for 10 yards while 20-30 people passed me during that last mile.  Agh.  I was not happy, but I picked it up again and finished strong.  I guess I'll have to get this leg checked out after all.

Regardless of the goal and the rain, Jennie and I had a great time.  I was so proud of Jennie for completing her first race! Rich and E were there to support us and we rocked out our "High Kickin' Bettys" outfits for Mimi.  Unfortunately, Mimi wasn't able to be there with us, but she will be the recipient of her own t-shirt and plenty of pictures! It is inspiring to be around 3,000 other runners who are running for the same cause.  I was also rather impressed at the total organization; we were parked and ready to rock in just a couple of minutes.  I can't wait to do it again next year!

All of the High Kickers
Jennie forgot her socks, so we split them:)  

Boy do I look small?! 
Getting it done. 
Almost home! 

Soaked from the rain and sweat! 

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  1. Dana and Jennie, I'm so impressed! I did see your names in the paper. I do admire both of you! Who knows, perhaps I'll get my act together and will bring up your distant rear!!!
    Can I have a pink tutu too?