Monday, October 1, 2012

Freakin Wrist

It's been 4 years since the original fracture of both the radius and ulna and internal fixation of with a plate and 7 screws.  Since then the plate and screws were removed (botched surgery...don't get me started) and additional surgeries were needed to clean out the joint, remove bone spurs, etc. hence the scar on the top of my wrist (the original is on the bottom).  I spent 112 days in therapy during the first year after the surgery, a record for the practice.  

It then took 2.5 years before I could even do a push up or start to lift anything heavy.  It's been just about a year now that I've been really pushing my wrist with pull ups, push ups, and dips.  Of course that means I was due for another issue.  

While doing weighted pull ups on Friday I felt a searing pain, but it was bearable.  It then got worse as I did push ups and continued with a chest workout.  When I got home it was killing me so I iced it and took some Advil.  I continued the ice and Advil all weekend, eventually putting on the old splint as well after calling the on-call doctor.  I even turned to tramadol on Saturday because I couldn't sleep, but even that didn't cut the pain.  

So, here I am waiting for the doctor to fit me in to his schedule this week, but pretty much positive that I have a raisin-sized bone spur in the same place that I had one before that is cutting into my tendon.  Fabulous....strained quad and jacked up wrist.  I want to get in for an appointment, set up surgery, and move on!  

On a lighter note, here's a meal that I enjoyed last week...chicken burger on spinach with a side of fresh green beans and bean salad.  

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