Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Thing...

...that I had that pity party a little ahead of time.  It turns out the pain killers that I took Friday night made me puke all night and half the day on Saturday.  Fun times.  I've only taken Advil since then.

I think I saved the best for physical therapy yesterday.  The first day at therapy has traditionally been rough for me.  I can watch surgeries all day on TV or online, but there is something about taking the dressings off for the first time and exposing the weak wrist that makes me queasy.  Luckily after just a few minutes I was doing a bit better with seeing my shriveled up limb.

The awful part of trying to get my thumb and wrist moving was finding out that a nerve had been compressed under the tight ace bandage.  Holy s*^& nerve pain is no joke.  I literally came out of my seat and let some special words fly.  The only way to get it to calm down is to massage the area which makes my thumb "zing", but that sounds way too calm for what it feels like.

So, welcome to the world of massaging, exercises, heat, and stretches.

On a good note, I made it to the gym Monday and Tuesday to do a little abs and legs.  I tried 20 minutes of cardio, but have opted not to do anymore because sweat can cause an infection.  The incision is WAY larger than I thought it would be.  It's about 3 inches long as opposed to 1 cm, which I was expecting.  I get the stitches out next Tuesday and then the cardio will be on:)

Still a little swollen and bruised, but so much better!

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