Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Training, that is.  The stitches are out and I have the okay to start doing some very light lifting.  I have to pay attention to my body and take it slow, but I am getting my mojo back:)

So, here's to throwing out the Whole Life Challenge and the craziness of trying to get as lean as possible....and on to growing time.  I know that I can't lift heavy anytime soon, but I'm going to work my way up so that I can add some size over the winter.

Why throw out the Whole Life Challenge?  I just wasn't that in to it.  I do like the idea of staying away from most grains and dairy and I'll continue to do that, but the more strict things became the more I wanted to eat things that I normally don't even crave.  It just wasn't healthy for me.  I'd rather stick to a 85% clean diet and keep a fair amount of carbs so that I feel strong and I can grow.  Add into the mix that I ate whatever I wanted after surgery and just got into that downhill spiral of being depressed because I couldn't lift... Just not the right time for me to lean out.

I'm also incorporating more running so that I can hopefully PR at the Turkey Trot this year.  I had a great time last year, so this is going to be a challenge especially since I haven't trained much.   Lord knows, when I am running my appetite is a nasty beast.  Take away carbs and I'd be miserable to be around.

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