Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out of Surgery

Let me start by saying that I loved the new MJH!  Everyone was friendly and kind and the facilities were beautiful, including a huge nice OR.  The nurses listened to me about my tiny rolling veins and did their best to get the IVs was successful, the other had to wait for the anesthesiologist bc we blew out one.

Surgery went well.  Apparently I was feeling some pain so I was given a little more "happy juice" and don't remember a whole lot.  The cyst was under and wrapped around my tendon so it was larger and more involved than Dr. D initially thought.

Of course I was starving afterwards so we ate at Sticks and then Arch's...YUM. I'm waiting for the block to wear off, but so far the pain is bearable. I know well enough that will change this evening. PT is set up for Monday and I hope to just miss one more day of work.  Until then I'll be icing and keeping this thing in a sling.

Thanks for all of the kind thoughts.

And, this hunting and pecking with my left hand sucks.  Just saying'.

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