Friday, November 25, 2011


Some of our Thanksgiving meal at our house.
Because I am being lazy about uploading pictures, this is going to be in reverse order of the actual events yesterday...

We ended the evening with Rich's family joining us for dinner at 5:30 pm.  Luckily, I had prepared most items the day before and just had to throw them in the oven.  Since there was no way to prepare a turkey with all of our running around we pre-ordered four rotisserie turkey breasts from Martin's, which we picked up on our way home from the Turkey Trot and put in the fridge until dinner time.  If you have not tried these turkey breasts, they are a MUST have.  They ended up being cheaper and more tasty than any other turkey that I've tasted over many Thanksgivings.  We ordered them a couple of years ago and were quickly reminded why it is such a good idea!

Turkey breast

Carol's new best friend, Dixie.
After having our second feast of the day it was time for some Texas Hold'em.  My mom came over to get a snack and helped me clean the kitchen and pack up all of the leftovers while Rich, Carol, Beth, and Evan played poker.  I had every intention of playing and taking everyone else's money, but the minute I sat in my recliner to put my feet up my eyes had a different plan.  I was out cold at 7:30 pm.   Guess that's what two days of cooking, cleaning, and a hard race will do to you!  

I slept until 11:00 pm and then got up just in time to tell everyone goodnight and eat another meal.  Yes, my metabolism is ridiculous.  Most nights I wake up around 1:00 or 2:00 and eat cereal or oatmeal before I have my "real" breakfast at 4:30 am.  I guess after almost four hours of sleep my body realized it was hungry again, so I ate a bowl of oatmeal and then a heaping plate of stuffing and cranberry sauce.  Who said you can't eat carbs late at night?

Mimi finishing up her homemade gravy.   

The two schemers...
 Our first meal of the day was actually a "Surprise Thanksgiving."  Yep, that is my family for ya.  Mimi typically goes back and forth about what to do for Thanksgiving and this year was no different.  She didn't want to drive over the mountain, but she didn't want to host it either so she told us to make our own plans.  She knew darn well that wouldn't happen.  So, long story short, my dad came up with a plan to take her out to eat since she was being so difficult. 

Table at Mimi's house
This is when I came into the picture.  Mimi called me, made me promise not to say a word, and told me that she was going to cook the entire meal and surprise everyone when they came to pick her up and take her out to eat.  Don't mind the fact that everyone else is stressed about what the heck is going on;)  This is when I offered to do some of the cooking and play into her little scheme.  And, I am happy to report that her "Surprise Thanksgiving" worked like a charm.  Everyone showed up before we got there and learned of her little plan.  That made it easy for Rich, Evan and I to tote all of the food we'd prepared in.  I think the plan probably ticked a few people off at first, but it ended up being a very nice relaxing event with the family.  Way to go, Mimi!

Mimi and Becky

Mom, Dad, and Mike

The grand master finally enjoying her meal.

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