Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lazy days

Thought this captured the title. 

I found this pic of Hay Hay after her big dinosaur party on my phone the other day.  She was one partied out girl.  I absolutely love the Cloud B company and I desperately want one of the Twilight Turtles that we gave Hailey for birthday.  Landon first introduced us to his turtle a year ago and I think I was more excited about it than Hailey!  I highly recommend these friends for anyone who has a toddler that has a hard time going to sleep in the dark. 

How could you not want this guy or his ladybug friend?

Not that we were feeling particularly lazy this week, but the dogs sure did enjoy the nice weather by lounging on the porch and getting long walks.

Huh?  Just taking a nap...

Guess the sun got too warm for this husky.

Our first Oct. snow in years is more like it for this fella!

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