Saturday, November 5, 2011


and no, not with a stuffy nose or vomit.  This is what is sick:

...almost 20 cc of fluid that I sucked out of a blister (well actually two blisters on top of each other) the size of China on my right pinkie toe!  After hobbling around at school all day on Thursday, I couldn't take it anymore and spent 40 minutes at work reconstructing my nasty, incredibly painful toe.  The good news?  Friday morning I woke up and was able to walk like a normal human being.  I held myself back at the gym and rode the bike 2 miles instead of running, but I think today is going to be another story.  I'm ready to get back out there and see how the toe holds up. 

I almost forgot the best did I get such a nasty blister?  From running?  Nope, from wearing cute Halloween tights to school on Monday.  Never, ever again.  

While we are on the subject of gross things.  My right hamstring is still sporting a scar from my attempt at walking all four dogs at the same time in July!  I've been able to handle the task in the past because I get out there before anyone else is running or walking, but on this day some stupid lady decided to run at the same time.  I don't know who she thinks she is running on my street.  Anyhow, the dogs went nuts and Jack ran behind me causing the Flexi leash cord to burn the crap out of both my hamstrings.  There is a reason why there is a warning on these leashes!

I promise it felt much worse that it looks! Just try sleeping when the touch of the sheets cause the wound to stick.  Gross.

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