Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still hitting the gym

I've done my best to stay on crutches this week at school...not so good on using them while at home.  Wearing a backpack to trek to the office to fax papers is always fun, as is bringing in my lunch, water, bag, purse, etc. from the car.  Lucky for me, Jennie bends over backwards to make sure that I have everything I need.  And, my mom has worked a lot this week which means she packs my lunch:)

I broke out into an all out sweat with heavy breathing when I made the journey to the conference room this morning for our TLC meeting.  I was only carrying an extra 5 lbs with my macbook in my backpack, but it made a significant difference in my speed.

I've hit the gym every morning this week and have been sure to stay seated for all my exercises.  It has taken some extra thought to modify my routine, but I've gotten in some great workouts.  The guy who opens the gym in the mornings, John, has been very helpful.  He typically follows me through my workout so that we can talk about Crossfit workouts, etc. but now he is my certified "weight picker upper."  I can't carry dumbbells back and forth to the bench, so he brings me what I need and puts them away when I'm done.  I'm not spoiled at all;)  That's what 20 year old guys with mohawks ought to do! Rich doesn't mind it one bit because he is off the hook for an hour:)

My workouts have looked like this:

Monday - Chest/Triceps   
Tuesday - Legs/Abs (I laid on the floor and did every type of leg lift/donkey kick imaginable....oh so exciting.)
Wednesday - Back/Biceps
Thursday - Shoulders/Abs
Friday - I think I may try some full upper body moves like dips and pull-ups, plus some more ab work. 

Here's to some terrible quality gym pics....oh and yes, my crazy face in a few!
Working back with crutches on the side;)

Who's arm is that?!

Yep, those guns are mine.

Another blurry angle

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