Sunday, February 19, 2012


After getting a couple of inches of snow in October, this season has been uneventful.  No snow days, no delayed openings, nothing.  This afternoon we finally got some of the white stuff!  Hailey was really excited when she noticed that the ground was covered.  She has had a cold and my foot shouldn't be roaming around outside so we did not play outside today.  However, watching the snowfall was plenty for me!  These are the only days when I really feel like I have permission to do to nothing at all....well, besides cook:)

Rich used his time wisely by finishing up carpet cleaning that he started last weekend.  Between the dogs getting old and Dixie's diabetes and subsequent UTI's the carpets were disgusting.  We bought a reconditioned Hoover carpet cleaner at Big Lots and it has to be one of the best purchases ever.  The carpets look and feel new and now we are able to clean up spots right when they happen. 

Hailey helped Rich with the carpets and changed clothes at least 8 times this morning alone.  She has been having fun dressing up the dogs, dressing up herself, and driving me crazy with all of the toys and mess.  Not to mention the constant, "Dana, DANA."  I guess it is my version of hearing "MOM" all day long.  Whew.  She is one determined young lady when it comes to getting your attention. 

Tattooed bumble bee fairy with cold feet?!

Maddie taking over the castle.
Poor Roonie dressed in pink.

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