Thursday, February 2, 2012

So, yeah, about that last post...

I started writing during planning today and waited to post it until tonight.  Guess someone is trying to teach me something...

Dr. W called on my way home to tell me that the MRI still showed significant edema where the fracture is on sesamoid bone.  Since it has not healed despite being in the boot twice over the last 18 months we are trying a new treatment.  NO weight bearing at all, so crutches and the boot for me.... for 4 weeks. Sigh.  In addition, I'll be doing at home bone stimulation for 20 minutes each night. 

After 4 weeks, we'll just go to the boot with a pad to make sure the sesamoid doesn't take on any additional load.  He didn't say for how long, but I'm guessing 4 more weeks.  If this doesn't work then we will go to anti-inflammatory and steroid injections before the option of removing the bone entirely, which doesn't sound like much of an option to me!  It sucks that the bone is so small because these are the bones that have a hard time healing. 

To say the least, I am pissed, frustrated, and upset.  All I want to do is RUN...and good lord, I was just getting used to the idea of biking and doing a modified leg workout to keep some muscle tone.  Now, absolutely no weight bearing means not even swimming!  Really?!  No cardio or leg work for two months.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  Oh, and all upper body work needs to be seated.... JOY. 

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  1. if anyone will make the best of this situation, it's you. it totally stinks, especially knowing how active you are and how important exercise is to you. before you know it, it'll be over and hopefully COMPLETELY healed! just think, in 3 months, it'll be warmer and the perfect time for you to bounce your cute running skirt :-)