Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday workout

Hailey and I made a trip to the gym yesterday while Rich worked on our cars, changing the oil, etc. 

I couldn't make up mind of what I wanted to do since I had already worked all muscle groups earlier in the week.  After a little debate I started with a HIIT session on the treadmill.  I ended up doing more than my usual 20 minutes to see how my foot would react.  The first two miles were done with 1 minute at 6.5 speed, 1 minute at 8.0 speed and so on.  I think these intervals will really help me pick up my long distance pace in the future. During the third mile I decided to do some hill work.  I put the incline on 6.0 and walked at 3.0 pace for 1 minute and then ran at 7.0 pace for 1 minute and so on.  I finished up all three miles in 28 minutes and was one big sweaty mess.  

Afterwards I opted for a short circuit workout before focusing on back.  I did 5 sets to failure of wide grip pull-ups and then push ups.  I took 45 seconds rest in between sets.  Going straight from pull-ups to push ups got the heart pumping!  

The back workout that ensued has my lats and traps torn up this morning!  Talk about soreness....

Get out there and do something that makes you sweat today! No excuses. 

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