Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocked it today!

Yes, at the gym, but also at the grocery store:)  Before my coupons/other savings my total was $180.55...after?  $123.50.  31% savings.  Woot woot!

I ran incline sprints for 20 minutes today after a banging chest workout.  I felt stronger today than I have in months.  Not sure why, maybe all of the push ups I've been doing? John pointed out the striations that were showing while I was doing decline cable press.  Yes!  I'm moving up in weight next week....105 lbs maybe?!

Afterwards I headed to the fitness studio for more sprint work/conditioning and finally finished up with an hardcore oblique workout.

I am one hungry girl this evening, so it's a good thing I just finished cooking up some whole wheat egg noodles to go with my turkey burger, zucchini, and squash sauce.  Yep, straight from the garden to my plate.  Delish!

Look at the chunky goodness!

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