Friday, June 15, 2012

Maddie Update

It has been a rough couple of days with Miss Maddie Moosie.  I feel like all I have done is go back and forth to the vet and the pharmacy and wash dog beds.  Since she is unable to stand on her own and she is so drugged up, she does not know when she has to go outside and is instead going in her bed.  It is one of the most terrible things that I have had to witness.  Sure it is stinky and gross and horrible to clean up, but what is worse is seeing her in that condition and so pitiful.

We've been through 5 dog beds, 3 loads of laundry, and several wee wee pads just today.  I am utterly exhausted from being up all night with her and the constant cleaning.  I did take her in to the vet today to get her rear legs and back shaved so that it would be easier to keep her clean.  They also gave her fluids to keep her hydrated and cleaned her up!  I think everyone who knows me knows that I am not a crier.  I can count on one hand the number of times I cry in a given year, so you can imagine my surprise when the vet came in to talk to me and I lost it.  I didn't think I was going to be able to get myself together, but after a few minutes I got my nice and clean sick little puppy back and regained my composure. Woof.  I hate feeling like that!

The plan is to get her patch replaced either Saturday or Sunday and to keep a close eye on her over the weekend.  If she is not better by next weekend then surgery is the only option.  I am keeping my fingers  crossed that all of this rest will do the trick.  I'm so thankful to be off from work so that I can take care of her.  Keep the prayers coming!

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