Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our beast of a zucchini

This morning Hailey and I checked out the garden to see if we would be having fresh veggies for dinner.  And, what did we find?  Several squash, zucchini, bush beans, onions, carrots, and lettuce!  While we were busy picking the produce Hailey yelled out, "Look at that gianormous one!!"  To my surprise we found a HUGE zucchini that was waiting for us to discover it.  We are going to make light work of this monster for dinner tonight:)

Stacking up our loot

John Deer or urban farmer? 

The beast

Washed up and ready to eat!  Onions and lettuce are ready too!
I'm still not sure when you are supposed to pick carrots or for that fact when you are supposed to know that they are the right size, so I randomly pull a few out every week to see where we stand.

After spending the morning outside we decided to cool down in the movie theater by watching Brave!

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