Saturday, August 4, 2012

Goal Met!

Well, that was much faster than expected; I met my goal to reduce my 4 mile time by 1:15 each week.  I  shaved off 1:28 this morning with a time of 33:20 and that is only 4 days after I set the goal.  I'm not going to get overly excited because the faster I run the harder it will be to take time off, but it felt good to beat my time that quickly!

On a not so fun note, my right calf muscles got tight and full of blood with only 2 minutes into the run....good ole compartment syndrome.  I'm sure it was my fault for not warming up enough before sprinting up a hill, but regardless it bothered me the entire run and is still swollen making my foot numb.  I'm going to throw some ice on it for now and then put on my compression sleeves for recovery today. 

This fricken foot has been a lot better lately, but still creates a nagging pain.  My whole joint is now discolored and looking way more vascular.  Gross.  But check out my pretty toes thanks to a pedicure and lunch date with the girls last week:)

Purple, blue and see thru ;) The bone that is the problem is under this joint. 

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