Monday, August 27, 2012

Whole Life Challenge

A read about the Whole Life Challenge through Courtney at A Petite Athleat a couple of weeks ago and thought that it sounded TOUGH, and I mean really tough in the nutrition department, but who isn't up for a challenge, right?

From their website: 
The purpose of The Whole Life Challenge is to see what sort of impact you can have on your 
body,your fitness and your lifestyle habits over the course of 8 weeks, and to train in having a
health and fitness practice that is practical and sustainable for the long term. There are three
categories that make up the criteria for the game:
  1. Performance - How much can you improve in a workout (faster time, more reps, better score)?
  2. Body - How many inches can you lose off of your body (based on circumferential measurements)?
  3. Lifestyle & Accountability - How consistent can you be over 56 days in maintaining healthy habits
    and being accountable for your results in your daily life?
The main focus for me would have to be nutrition because the guidelines are extremely strict.  I'm interested to see what would happen if I cut out grains and dairy, which is exactly what a lot of trainers ask their clients to do for 8 weeks when they first start working out and cleaning up their diets.  In fact, I've already opted to cut out a lot of these on my own.  However, I know I am going to be hurting without my morning oatmeal and cottage cheese for a snack.

If anyone is interested in participating, let me know.  Check out the rules on the website first.  I had to sign-up under Courtney's affiliate since I do not belong to an affiliate.  I'll send you her link if you are interested. The madness begins on September 15th.  

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