Friday, July 13, 2012

He's a sprinter

And by he, I mean this guy...


Aren't Huskies supposed to be sled dogs?  You know, the long distance endurance runners of the wild?!  Well, this guy must have gotten short twitch muscles instead.

That is some serious speed!

For the first time since I received my Garmin Forerunner 410 for Christmas, I decided to go for a long run.  What better company to keep than a big scary  dog? Since Jack has only ever run with me around the neighborhood, I took us out the gates slow.  I figured he'd be able to hang with a 9 minute mile pace for 4 miles or so and then I could drop him off at home if I wanted to keep going.

There was none of this going on after 6 minutes of running...
Boy was I wrong.  After the first 1/2 mile he stopped running and walked just fast enough to keep up with me.  Once we hit 1 mile and a hill, it was all over.  He was 15 feet behind me with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and his rib cage was pumping.  I was shocked that he wasn't running around wild trying to chase or sniff everything in sight.  So that's where the run ended.  We walked all the way home at a snail's pace.

2 miles in 37 minutes.  Woof.  I guess I need to start taking him on 1/2 mile to mile runs over the next couple of weeks so he can build up his endurance.  I know the heat doesn't help, but really?

I still love the sprinter that he appears to be:)

Trying to make up after making a disaster out of my run. 

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