Thursday, July 5, 2012

Century Mark

1-0-0!  And, I'm not referring to the heat wave.  I finally moved up in weight today on the flat bench and did 3 sets of 3-5 reps at 100 lbs.  I'm only 15 lbs shy of benching my bodyweight, which as always been my goal.  I would like to be there by September...

I have never determined my 1RM, but think that I will try this next week and see where I land.  I'm almost in the well above average category and this is for a weight that I can push multiple times.  This morning I was doing 87% of my body weight, so I'd say that is pretty darn good! Maybe I can do 100% if it is a 1RM?!

Average Female Bench Press (from LiveStrong)

The American College of Sports Medicine classifies using percentiles based on body weight, age and sex. For example, a female in her 30s weighing 140 lbs. in the 50th percentile should have a 1RM of 57 percent of her body weight or 80 lbs. An average ranking is in the 50th percentile, above average is 70th percentile and well above average is 90th percentile. 

Determining Your 1RM

Select a weight that is about 50 percent of your predicted 1RM and complete 5 to 10 warmup repetitions. Rest one minute before completing another warmup set of three to five repetitions at about 70 percent of your predicted 1RM. Gradually add weight to the barbell in 5- to 10-lb. increments and perform one repetition. Rest two to three minutes between each attempt and continue making attempts until you reach failure. The last weight you successfully lift is your 1RM. Beginners uncomfortable attempting a 1RM, may complete a three to five rep maximum, and use an online 1RM calculator to calculate your 1RM for you. Always use an experienced spotter when doing any heavy lifts.

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