Sunday, July 15, 2012

6th Anniversary!

To round out our fun-filled weekend, we went to Flying Rabbit Sporting Clays this morning.  Coincidentally, this weekend was the one weekend each year when instructors-in-training give free shooting lessons.  They provide everything that you need; guns, ammunition, clays, etc.  When we called last night, the owner was very excited about our inquiry and told us to come on down.  

Getting some instructions
Rich getting set
There were about 15 men and 2 women there for lessons and just as many instructors-in-training.  I had never even held a shotgun before, but they threw me right out there with everyone else.  After a few rounds I caught on to what I should be doing and started hitting some of the clays.  It was a huge change from shooting handguns the day before...totally different type of shooting/aiming, etc.  Having something moving to shoot at was awesome and challenging at the same time.  I think I have a new hobby for sure!
Almost ready
I met up with one last instructor who was awesome.  I'm not sure what it was that he did differently, but I liked his style and I crushed both fast moving clays that were thrown out.  It's a shame that our two hours were up because I was just getting into the groove.  I think I'll be purchasing my own shotgun in the near future! 

After shooting, we went to Outback for lunch, then to the movies to watch Ted, and ended the night with a nice steak dinner:)  I feel like we had round two of our honeymoon...lots of activities and very little downtime.  Just perfect.  

I'm so glad that I found Rich at Wild Wings 10 years ago this month:)  We are a perfect match of outgoing and reserved, funny and silly, messy and neat, carefree and structured.  Thank goodness we even each other out;)  Here is to a lifetime of more adventures and new experiences together!  Love you, honey.   

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