Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bird House in the Dead of Winter?

What? January isn't the perfect time to build, paint, and install a birdhouse?  Of course it is!  This crazy weather has allowed some of our spring activities to get accomplished way ahead of schedule.  Hailey received a birdhouse kit from Angela and Rob for Christmas, so Rich and Hailey went to town to get this thing done over the weekend.  I'll take any January day where you can hang out on the screened in porch painting!

Note:  This project spanned two days and several changes in plans.  You'll probably notice at least 3 outfit changes!....but that only made it more rewarding when these two finished it! 

So excited to start painting!  She did a nice job helping Rich nail all of the pieces together.

Yeah, that pink didn't work out too well....this was on top of the first coat of white paint.

Finally decided to go with a JMU first.

Not sure who was having more fun.

After taping it to create stripes, the purple spray paint was brought out.

Probably not the safest move, but Hay Hay was into the project.

I'm sure the neighbors will love the yellow pole.

Here come the stripes!

Tightening the house down to the pole.

So proud!


Nice work.  
Now where are those darn baby birds?

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