Monday, March 18, 2013

No Dice

I'm not going to  be ready for a competition in 5 weeks.  Regina and I posed on Saturday and although I could push it and try to be ready, I don't feel like I am.  I would rather go in feeling a lot  more comfortable about my progress, which means I get to regroup and pick another date...a lot further in the future.

I really feel like my upper body is good to go, abs are good, but legs need some serious work.  They have always really bothered me, but even more so when I was posing.  UGH.  They put me in a major funk for a couple of days, but I'm pulling myself out of it.  Negative self talk is not good! I've worked hard to get here and will continue to work hard to get to where I want to!  Progress is nothing to sneeze need to beat myself up over the little things and neither should you!

So for now, EAT CLEAN and LIFT HEAVY~!

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