Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food Prep

This week I'm chowing down on chicken sweet potato meatloaf (same as the turkey sweet potato meatloaf sans the eggs and only a little bbq sauce and ketchup), scrambled eggs/egg whites, tuna with greek yogurt, baked chicken with a little PB2, brown rice, roasted asparagus, roasted brussel sprouts, homemade salsa....

I've been logging everything in MyFitnessPal and keeping my calories to 1800 a day.  The more veggies I eat, the fuller I am and less I need to eat during the day.  I got home from the gym last night and still had 600 allowable calories!  Don't you worry, I made light work of most of the calories and still woke up in the middle of the night hungry and STARVING this morning.  I can not wait to see the results in a couple of weeks....  BRING IT:)  

YUMMM....two meals in one:)
And just for fun, look at that swelling in my damn wrist.  What the heck is going on?!  It felt a little funny when I was lifting last night, but it wasn't until I took my gloves off that I noticed a freaking grape under my skin.  Pretty sure this is the start of another cyst.  Fantastic. 

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