Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Want My Guns Back!

Although things definitely haven't been as easy as I thought they'd be when I picked up dumbbells just 2 weeks post-op, I think I've finally turned the corner.  This is the first week where the pain and swelling have made a serious improvement.  I haven't lifted at all in two weeks and I'm trying to make it through the rest of this week without the temptation.

This has been EXTREMELY difficult for me mentally.  The strap for my iPod nano is getting noticeably more loose on my arm, the definition in my arms is fading quickly, and I just don't feel strong because I am truly losing some strength.  Logically, I know that all of these things can and will return and probably fairly quickly, but for now it is just depressing.  When things are depressing my motivation to eat clean goes out the window definitely take a beating as well, which then just becomes a vicious cycle of feeling guilty, etc.

I've had no problem hitting the gym every morning and changing up some routines, but I don't even want to look at anyone standing in front of the free weighst because I am super duper jealous.  I've been doing some 3 mile runs, some intervals with sprints and some cycling. But my main focus has been on doing circuit ab routines 3 times a week.  I've made sure to destroy them each time and love waking up sore!

Here is a short ab circuit that I did earlier in the week...

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