Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Rich and I got our run on this morning at the Waynesboro YMCA Turkey Trot.  I realized after running that if I actually did some training, you know more than just two weeks, I could actually win some small races.  And, if Rich did any training at all it would be a miracle.  I'm not sure he has run since last year's Turkey Trot, but at least he got out there and ran the entire race:)

This year there were over 300 participants and the weather was a tad warmer than last year!  It was nice to actually have people there that we knew this year; Leighton and Laura, friends from the gym, were there as well.  Laura didn't run, thankfully!  She would have smoked me:)  Leighton is also quite the running beast, but he ran with Laura's 9 year old son so I didn't have to worry about him passing me.

I don't even want to talk about the end of the race...I was trotting along with my earbuds in and didn't even hear the woman who beat me sneak up and pass me at the last second.  Her time was 22:53.  Seriously?!  I am still pissed.

2012 Waynesboro YMCA Turkey Trot Results:
Dana - 22:54, 2nd in 30-39  division, 8th overall female
Rich - 32:17, 12th in 30-39 division 

A rare sight....Rich running


Rich, Me, Leighton

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