Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wedding

Thankfully, the storms came through and then the sun appeared right as Matt and Shannon were about to get married.  This was also good news for those of us who don't do so well in 95 degree weather.  The newlyweds looked gorgeous as usual! After a beautiful ceremony, we were off to the Jefferson Theater for the reception.  Harvest Moon did the catering and we all thought that the food was outstanding.  I was a big fan of the zucchini corn fritters! 

After eating dinner and getting in a few too many rum and diet cokes, Rich and I made it out to the dance floor.  It's amazing how well you think you can move after a few drinks even with a boot on one foot and flip flopo on the other!  Hope there are no videos!  I do know that we made fools of ourselves at the photobooth that was set up though.  I don't think there is a better combination, drinks and a camera with a remote to snap as many crazy pictures as you can.  I thought the younger crowd would be going nuts over this, but there are going to be some wild pictures of all ages, including Mimi! HA.  I, for one, can NOT wait to see these shots! I think I have finally recovered after two full days of being exhausted.

I didn't get to take many pictures and the ones I got are pretty rough because of the lighting and the alcohol consumption, but boy did we have fun!

Shannon and all of her "Bridesmaids"

Shannon and Matt co-stars in "Twilight"

Matt and Shannon in "The Wedding Date"

The Jefferson Theater....before the dance party.

Wish this was a clearer shot, but it was really dark during the reception.

No surprises here.  It only takes a couple of drinks before the talking starts.

The food was delicious.

You know Mimi is serious about dancing when she goes home and changes clothes!

Becky, Shannon, and Matt

Having a LOT of fun!

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