Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Our Anniversary

The kids were away on the 15th when we celebrated our 5th anniversary.  We had a fun day of finishing up summer school, cleaning carpets, and moving furniture;)  It wasn't too bad.  We took Carol, Isiah and my mom to one of our favorite lunch spots, Stone Soup, during a break from the cleaning.  Rich and I both had our favorite meal there; 1/2 smoked turkey and cranberry chutney on grilled mulitgrain and 1/2 signature salad that has cranberries and spiced delicious!  They have a nice shaded patio which is perfect for cooler summer days, not the 100 degree days that we've had this week!
Isiah enjoying his grown up soda.

So happy that summer school is over!

After lunch and finishing up the carpets, we headed over the mountain to the Ivy Inn for dinner.  I had not been there since Megan's rehearsal dinner.  I dined on a fabulous crab cake, green beans, and potato cake while Rich had the best chicken he has ever put in his mouth!  The chicken came from a local farm, Polyface, that also supplies Chipotle in Charlottesville.  All in all, it was a great day to celebrate our time together and the beginning of summer for me!

Getting ready for dinner!

Rich's chicken, fettucini, and mushrooms

Awesome crab cake!!

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