Thursday, July 7, 2011

Matt & Shannon's Rehearsal Dinner

The day has finally come that these two lovebirds finally get married.  They've been together for what like 10 years now?  Just kidding, but it is time!  They hosted the rehearsal dinner at Ashlawn and Mel's did the catering.  The food was great and other than the 90 degree heat, it was a very nice evening for all.  E and J were glad that they were able to make it and see the rest of the familiy.  I'm excited for the wedding bells to ring tomorrow night!

Getting ready to roll.

The location of the ceremony tomorrow.

Rich leading the way.

The pavilion where we had dinner.

The man of the hour.  Way too photogenic to be part of this family!

Dad and Mom thrilled to be taking pictures.
Can't ever get a good one!

Still looking good!

Caught ya, Shannon!

No surprises here.

J looking all grown up!


Matt's family welcoming Shannon to the crew.

Gorgeous grounds.


Classic Shannon with a beer.

Miss cheerleader herself:)

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