Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I went back to the podiatrist today and the new plan is to lose the boot over the next two weeks.  He customized some Powersteps for me, which was much less than the orthodics ($375) that he started out suggesting.  I wore Powersteps in my soccer cleats when I was in high school and they helped them, so I'm hoping these do the trick.  Of course everything has to be gradual, so I am in my running shoes with inserts for an hour the first day and then back in the boot, two hours the second day and back in the boot, etc. until I can get a full day without pain in my running shoes. 

I'm thankful that the doctor understands my frustration about not being able to run.  I promised I'd stick to the bike for the next two weeks, making it six weeks total.  It is so boring that I am still getting in two workouts a day.  I go at 5:30 to get in 30-45 minutes on the bike and then in the evenings to lift and get in another 30 minutes on the bike.  You'd think I'd be dropping weight like a champ, but nope the scale is staying steady at 124 lbs.  I'd like to get just below 120, but it is going to take a better diet.  Right now, we are eating out way too much because the kids aren't here, but I'd say I deserve it!  Plus, I am gaining a considerable amount of muscle in my legs from these bike workouts.  Maybe I'll post some pics next week depending on how I feel;)

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