Thursday, July 21, 2011


We didn't get Hailey on our anniversary weekend, so we hope that she is doing well!  It was strange to have an empty house, but it was a nice break and we were able to get a ton of things done around here!  We picked up E and J last night from the train station, and then picked up Brooklyn as well.  As we speak there are three adolescent/teenagers roaming the house.  There is no bone in my body that feels like entertaining these guys for several days on end.  It is so much easier to just go to work and come home and not worry about being worried to death about what to do with all of their free time.  Trust me there is plenty of cleaning and weeding that can be done if they keep asking!

As for the above picture, I don't even think I could handle being on the screened in porch today for two minutes.  It is 98 degrees and way too humid for my liking.  This kind of weather definitely makes me want fall to get here sooner than later.  I tried to walk the dogs at 7:00 am and broke a sweat before I got out off the driveway!  I feel bad that they aren't getting exercise, but what are you supposed to do?!

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