Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

We got up bright and early to go to church this morning.  Before leaving for church the kids got to check out what the Easter Bunny dropped off.  The Easter Bunny must have had lots of fun putting together those baskets;)  Hailey stayed with us during the service and was actually pretty good for an hour of expected silence and good behavior.  After church Hailey, Rich and I met my parents at Outback for lunch.

Hailey got her second basket from Grandma and Papa's house.  She definitely made out with lots of loot and when Julie picked her up this afternoon she was off to see what the Easter Bunny brought to her house.

The Easter Bunny came!

Another basket!

Crayola colored bubbles....note to self: do not purchase!

The "cheese" face

Pumped to see Grandma and Papa


New shades!

Do these two faces look similar or what?

Fun with bubbles.  Too bad they got red spots on everyone!

Chasing bubbles!

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