Saturday, February 5, 2011


 We celebrated three birthdays this evening with dinner at Outback.  Brianna, Mike's girlfriend, had a birthday on the 1st, Mike's birthday (the big 3-0) was the 3rd, and my 32nd birthday (really??) was today.  I haven't had lobster in a long, long time so I jumped at the opportunity to have a lobster tail, salad and sweet potato.  The hot fudge sundae that the birthday girls and boy got was really good as well.  I think Rich ended up eating more of the sundaes than all of us combined:)  Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great dinner!

All in all, it was a great day!  I got to sleep in a bit this morning before tackling some cleaning around the house.  Rich was not feeling well so he didn't rise until 11:00.  My plans got a little thrown off, but Jessica was kind enough to clean the rest of the house while I spent a few hours at the gym.  She also baked me a delicious cake while I was out of the house. 

 (Me and my daddy)

 (Mom and Mike)

 (Me and my hubby)

(Mike and Brianna)

I got my birthday gift from Rich a few weeks ago.  On one of our days off last month we went to a local spa and he treated me to laser hair removal (underarms).  It takes more than one session, so he bought me a six session package.  I am amazed at how well one treatment has worked!  I can't believe I did not try this sooner.  I'm ready for tank top season now:)

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