Sunday, August 28, 2011


Every year we have our annual "Back to school Henley Golf Tournament" at Old Trail.  Rich and I used to play every year, but after both of our broken arms we've taken three years off from golf in general.  We decided this would be the year to get back into it, although we did not play a single round until we got to the tournament.  I thought for sure I'd be ready to chuck my clubs out the window on my way home, but I didn't get quite as frustrated as I thought I would.  It seemed like Rich picked up his game pretty quickly as well. 

Lucky for us, we were on Jeff Toms' team, so we knew if we really messed up we'd probably still be okay.  And, in fact we ended up winning the tournament:)  Our other team member, Andrea, is a new teacher and was a great partner for me because she hadn't played in years either.  I know I laughed harder than I have in a long time rather than getting too angry about the way we were hitting the ball. 

I think I was trying to correct too many things and was concentrating too hard on the first 4 holes, but after that and some much need professional advice from Jeff: "Just hit the shit out of it!"  I picked up my game dramatically.   During captain's choice you use the "best ball" after each hit, but everyone gets to try from that spot.  On hole 16 I smashed a 160 yard drive which was the best ball.  Then hit another long shot up onto the green, again the best ball.  And finally, I putted my shot in from 22 feet out.  It was AMAZING!  I think all of Crozet heard our team screaming and jumping up and down:)  As a bonus, Jeff now owes me dinner for my first birdie ever and getting us one shot ahead of everyone else! 

Rich and I have played once since then, but I plan to get out there again as soon as I can!

Rich teeing off.

Trying to get some practice swings in.

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