Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting ready for the water

We spent all day Saturday working on the boat and trying to get it ready for the water.  It's a good thing that Rich knows how to work on and fix just about anything, otherwise I think we would be out a substantial amount of money!  I don't understand a thing that he does, but he always gets whatever it is running or fixed one way or another.  This is one time when he is focused, and at times overly focused on what he is doing.  He could spend 10 hours outside working and not even realize what time it is or that he hasn't eaten a meal.  I think it is good for Evan to get exposed to these things so  hopefully he'll be able to fix things in the future as well.  Hailey is taking after Rich and would much rather stay outside and work with him rather than stay inside with me.

Such a little girl now!

Gettin' her ready.

Rich doing what the does best.

Do you think Hay Hay is ready for the water? :)

Mr. Bunny is ready to go!

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