Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kick 'em in the Face

I set a goal several months ago to do a pull-up with a 25 lb plate attached to a belt around my waist.  For some reason, this goal fell off my radar as I focused on wide grip pull-ups and pounding out sets of 10 close grip pull-ups. I failed to achieve my goal of benching 135lbs on Monday and was feeling a little frustrated about not meeting the goal when I remembered my pull-up goal.

I knew Tuesday was going to be the day to crush this one the minute I walked into the gym.  I had renewed energy and drive that has been lacking for a couple of weeks.  After warming up with lat pulldowns and wide grip pull-ups, I did one set with a 15lb ball between my knees and then moved up to the 25 lb plate.  I did 4 sets of 2 to 3 pull-ups with this weight.  Oh yeah!  Talk about feeling like a beast when you can actually put a belt around your waist and hang some weight from it:)

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